Pumpkins N’ Succulents 

Yes I too love this succulent craze! I think it’s a mixture of loving my Arizona desert with the obsession of Pinterest and all the cute ideas! One thing I’m really digging is the idea of pairing the timeless October pumpkin with this trendy Southwest influence.

5 Pumpkin and Succulents Looks to try this Fall!

Joanna Gaines created a spectacular center piece using the O’so lovable gold and a touch of Shabby Chic. This rustic use of succulents is a for sure favorite and she takes you step by step on how to recreate the look! I’m so excited after reading this post…I’m going to go paint crazy!

One thing you’ll notice…I like gold. This cute DIY was a Dollar Store inspiration from Oleander & Palm!

All Things Heart and Home created an elegant Shabby Chic centerpiece with paint as well! Love it! That little detail of the acorns is the perfect touch of fall! This just shows you don’t have to go over board for your home to feel like Fall.

This is definitely one of my favorites! The white pumpkin in contrast to the natural colors of the succulents is just stunning! Although I got this from a wedding inspiration, I think this would make for a great piece on a coffee table or even on the patio!

This is just the cutest take on the image above from The Jungalo! It rinds me of a Betsey Johnson/Kate Spade inspired pumpkin and having the succulents as hair is like the ultimate Fall Chia Pet! 🙂


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