How To Accessorize 7 Different Necklines


“What Necklace Should I Wear With This?”


crew neck

The eye must travel! Complement the width of a boat neck by adding length with your necklace. Try a necklace that hangs lower than the neckline of your top. The length of the necklace can elongate and balance out the broadness of the boat neckline. Alternatively, you can match it with a long layered necklace to give it more volume.

Try either the Aventine Long Pendant or the Trevi Convertible Pendant Necklace



scoop neck

Accentuate your scoop neck top with a necklace that matches the same shape and cut of the neckline. Scoop necks are best paired with short necklaces with volume or statement necklaces. The necklace should fall above your neckline or follow the line of your neckline to help fill in the bare spaces around your neck.

Try this: Retro Pave Collar Necklace

If you prefer a simpler look, you can choose a long simple necklace (with pendant)that falls between your chest and belly button.



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Liven up the basic crew neck by adding a collar style necklace. It’s a great way to open this neckline and flatter your face. Choose a necklace that falls slightly lower than the neckline. If you want to create a built-in look, pick a necklace that follows the line of the neckline.

Try this: Midnight Palace Collar Necklace



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The rule to finding the perfect necklace for V-necks is to choose a necklace thatmatches the V-shape of your neckline. For example, short necklaces with a v-shape or simple short necklaces would go well with this neckline. However, make sure the necklace does not pass the neckline.

Try this: Pavé Bar Convertible Necklace




For an open collar look (unbutton the top buttons), you can pair it with a simple short necklace with a slim pendant that does not pass the neckline. As the button down shirt is very busy, it is best to wear simple necklaces to balance it out.

For a closed collar look (button all the way up), you should go for a statement necklace. Make sure the necklace wraps perfectly around the neckline and worn understand the collar. This pairing can transform a boring collar shirt into a edgy chic look.

Try this: Aventine Convertible Statement Necklace




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Short curved necklaces (with pendant) that fall above the neckline would create a flattering look on sweetheart necklines. The curvature of the necklace will compliment the sweetheart shape and the pendant can direct the eye to the cleavage ūüėČ

Try this: Bella Fiore Collar Necklace



There are a variety of ways to style a strapless. If you’re looking for a simple casual look, you can match your strapless with a short slim necklace or choker. The key here is to choose a necklace that is simple in design and falls on your collarbone area. This way you can leave your d√©colletage bare thus creating a clean look.

Try this: Gilded Ivory + Jet Collar Necklace

Happy Accessorizing!

Let me know what other tips and tricks you would like to know about by commenting below! ūüôā



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