My Top Picks: Fall Decor

Im a bit of a window shopaholic…sorry not sorry! I love finding unique pieces (whether I can buy them or not) its just fun for me…don’t judge!

One of my favorite Home Decor sites is Fratantoni Lifestyles. Though they can be a bit pricey, they have some of the top brands that high end Interior Designers use at a discounted rate…YES PLEASE! Right now I’m obsessed with the minimalist/modern look with a Southwest flare…maybe its because I’m a Zonie, but I’ve been rocking the Aztec prints for some time now so the fact that its trending makes my heart so happy!! Here are some of my top pics to create a Neutral palette for Fall!! 123


Shop my top picks from Fratantoni Lifestyles 

*Note: For those of you who are not from the Southwest/ West Coast – a Zonie is a native from Arizona. It started as a slang term in San Diego because we flee the summer heat and take over their beaches (I have family in Cali and they are not shy about expressing their distain for “Zonies”) but we Zonies adopted it as an identifier for us rare ones that are actually born and raised here. What does your state call out-of-towners? We call them Snow Birds…..


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