DIY Moss Terrarium

Moss is beautiful, even when poking through the cracks of a decrepit sidewalk or sprawling over a crumbling wall. It’s a plant that begs to be touched and invites a closer look. Follow along as Baylor Chapman of San Francisco’s Lila B. Design shows us how to put together a mini moss terrarium that’s sure to inspire … Continue reading DIY Moss Terrarium


Fall Home Decor Trends

The key to great Fall decor is feeling warm and snug in your home. This Fall season, decorating is all about making your space cozy yet modern and sophisticated.

10 Ways to Style Leather Pants This Fall!

As you can probably tell from my last few posts, I'm still loving the leather pants trend that surfaced two years ago! There is something about putting them on that makes you feel like Sandy from Grease where "Im a good girl but I can be bad" mentality takes over! Though I have not gotten … Continue reading 10 Ways to Style Leather Pants This Fall!

Fall Outfit: Leather Pants

This combination is that perfect look for a casual Friday at work or for a great weekend look! Effortless style at its best!  Knit dress   H&M leather pants   Sophia Webster flat shoes   Bun Cuf  

Pumpkins N’ Succulents 

One thing I'm really digging is the idea of pairing the timeless October pumpkin with this trendy Southwest influence.